Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Inspiration / stealing


I am a big fan of this dude's work and have been following his blog for quite sometime, i think i first took an interest in him as i noticed he is also a fan of moleskins :) yup thats pretty ,much all it takes to get me interested a good taste in sketch books! As you can't fail to see this is where the idea for my own title image came from. Im not one of those people who think i can do anything better than anyone else and i much prefer his style of drawing and painting to my own (i think i just wished i was boy called alan! hmmm bit strange- i'm going to leave you with that thought)

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Joshua allen harris

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Inflatable Street Art by Joshua Allen Harris


Joshua Allen Harris creates inflatable street art by creating structures made from plastic bags. He positions the bags to look like trash on the top of subway greates but once the air travels upwards it inflates the bags into animated sculptures. I feel this is a unique take on what street art can be.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

When Art and Fashion mix.....

Damien Hirst  and Levis

Pringle and David Shrigley

Vivienne Westwood and Tracey Emin

Wear a Work of Art or be a work of Art

During one of my first tutorials of the year after establishing that i like to sew in my spare time my tutor Dan asked if i had ever considered making clothing, the answer was no i hadn't and the thought never occured to me until now. The brief is Exhibition and show and a way in which we all express ourselves and differentiate ourselves is by the clothes that we wear, A kind of exhibition of ourselves. Its how we show who we are to the rest of the world, so why not use the that idea as a platform to create and exhibit work? So the girl who has had a sewing machine for a year and a half and still hasn't figured out how to use it is going to attempt to make a dress? well maybe haven't quite decided yet but first things first, teach myself how to use the old sewing machine.
As you can see i went for looks over practicality 

Sunday, 3 October 2010

no clue

We had another cross course meeting with 3D design and each student had to bring something to exhibit or present, i still only had my frame i've been working on ideas but had nothing in a showable state, so with no preparation or thought given to what i was doing i sat on the floor of the studio and painted and Exhibition and show sign, which up until this point was a barely formed idea and even less of a sketch in my notebook. But what could i do i didn't want to stand their with nothing. Infuriatingly i hadn't got it finished by the time 3D started to stream through the door and for want of anything else to do i stayed where i was painting my sign, feeling like a complete idiot. But hey i showed something and my tutor dan seemed to think it was a different way of exhibiting so um win win? anyways this is the sign and something else i don't quite know what i shall do with.