Monday, 27 September 2010

A steriotypical scouser?

Hehe today as i walked to uni i was looking in to the gardens and i noticed a window frame that had been thrown out it was old and wooden with most of the glass smashed out, i don't know why i took a liking to it i think it was the colours of the chipped paint or whether it was the fact that since the gallery visits last week ive been thinking of rectangles and windows and the way we view the world. Well the point im getting to is that i stole it from the garden, i don't think the owners of the house would have mind if i had of asked permission but i didn't want to, i wanted to just take it- i feels kind of important that i took it without permission i have no clue what i'm going to do with it.....yet.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Exhibit and show

This is the new brief,
Explore, question and respond to this theme, through a process of research, development, production and presentation, hmmmm this is going to need some thinking about do i want to create work or curate others work?

The tale of the reluctant blogger

So i've never actually wanted to make a blog and this is evident in the fact that i'm about two years behind my peers in doing so, i guess i don't feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings with strangers never mind my work. I pretty much keep my work close to me and if i'm compleatly honest i don't really think im ready to share it but this is a hurdle i need to get over - i only ever write my thoughts on my work and other artists work in my sketchbook - ahhh sketchbooks i have an overfondness for all stationary, but in particular sketchbook's, theirs just nothing better than opening a brand new sketchbook, taking the lid off a pen and not looking up for a couple of hours. (well at least you know i'm a bit strange by now so if you do read on it's your own fault)