Monday, 28 March 2011


This is the start of me making a maquette of the studios for the final exhibition, making a to scale model in the right colours and with the exact layout and space restrictions will help the curation team in deciding where people will go and allow us to imagine what the space will look like once it is finalised or at least allow us to plan it out and allowing the rest of the students to actually be able to see it without having to use their imaginations. 

Friday, 25 March 2011

What a bunch of posers......

Today was the first photography session for both the catalogue and the promotional photographs- the order of the day was quite a simple one, the morning was spent taking the oh so very normal profile photos whilst the afternoon was spent throwing stuff at each other. Dan Ross was both professional and quick which meant that we were able to get multiple shots - From what i have seen so far i am more than happy with them- Dan has to spent some time editing them so i wont be able to post the actual photographs we're using until the beginning of next week so for now i shall post some photographs i took of the session. 

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Year Book Meeting four

Nothing much happened it today's meeting- we chose the pantone colour swatch we wanted for the book and discussed old ideas, we basically just had a catch up meeting and had a look at the layouts that the boys had been working on, i haven't yet had all the copy in from students and the photo shoot with Dan Ross is still to happen. So not much to say really it's going OK, the one thing i will say is that the Graphics boys don't like it when we make changes, i feel that so far the process has been relatively smooth and they should be a bit more open to our in put, after all it is our year book.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Becky and Jaclyne are in Cahoots

Cahoot's is the name we came up with for our collaboration, we wanted something that was not at all directly related to the content of the work as the content would not be up to us as we will be staging an open submission. All we have so far is a name and ideas of what we want to do, but nothing is certain yet.

Profile Photograph- test shot

Test shot of profile pictures for the yearbook, test for the lighting and colour of the background, everyone was really pleased by how they turned out- decided on less formal poses 

Choosing the yearbook layouts

Because we chose to have an unfixed layout for the catalouge, Their was a lot of decision making when it came to choosing who got what and where, how each page looked in it's own right and how it flowed with the rest of the book. This really was a matter of pinning it all up in the graphics studio one sunny saturday morning and picking and matching them and then changing our minds quite a lot. Although it took all morning i feel it was time well spent as the book as a whole is not static the page layouts aren't fixed so i feel that its a much more interesting book than if we had chosen the same layout for each page. At this point i feel that the process is going quite well, it is much more time consuming than i had originally expected but that is mainly due to the fact that their are three graphics boys working on the book and only one of me

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Year Book Meeting three- we have ourselves a title'

Today's meeting was just a clarification on things we had already discussed we showed the progress we had made on the instillation ideas and gave them the images we had from students work as well as the test shots from Dan Ross. We discussed possible colour's that we wanted to use and showed them a colour chart that Ellie had produced, we made a decision to use green's and greys as well as the blue from the background of Dan Ross's images.
We also agreed on a paper stock for the book Regency Satin - which in layman's terms means its a bit glossy but not too glossy. We also made the decision to make the title out of laser cut cardboard glued together in layers as not only would it be the least time consuming option but we felt that it would give a greater impact to the space- we will start this process over the Easter break so as to allow enough time on the laser cutter. my main task for this week is getting people inductions on the laser cutter who haven't had them including myself, booking out as much time on the laser cutter as possible and to continue getting images and copy from everyone as well as booking photography studio and making sure everyone including Dan is available at that time .

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Making of Dot.

Collaborative meeting with becky

Myself and Becky met up today to discuss what we want to achieve out of our collaboration, on my part i want to work alongside Becky to create an event that will explore both of our current practices, my aims are to explore staging events outside of a galley setting, whilst working with Becky as she explores video art as a platform for exhibition. I feel that working on two projects together simultaneously will help me to explore how art is interpreted by the viewer in different ways. We share many of the same ideas and thoughts although we work in completely different ways and i see this collaboration as opportunity to explore my ambition to be a curator rather than a practicing artist. 
At today's meeting the main points we discussed where;
- possibility of collaboratively staging and outside event, maybe exhibiting video art in a new way - possibilities include out door screening ( this is the one that interests me the most)
- an open call exhibition that will take place inside of a gallery type space (in which we will act at the curators.

Year Book Meeting two

In today's meeting we discussed the layout of the book and made some decisions,
-There will be 64 pages in the book 
- spare pages will be for quotes pages (not sure about having so many pages for quotes)
- centre spread
- the possibility of having a gate fold for the cover image ( the front cover will fold out on both sides so their could be a 4 page shot of the instillation.)
After getting the thumbs up for the typography instillation from the rest of the group we again discussed it with the graphics boys who had already gotten a quote from wood work about the costings, however they had got the price of making the word interdisciplinary out of wood which in the size we were talking about would cost around £160 - given the fact that we don't even know how many letters will be in the title of the show as this stage, this price did put us off somewhat as we will have to fund raise for the wood and as of yet the fundraising team haven't come up with any solid ideas. We talked about the possibility of making it out of cardboard in order to save money - i think that using cardboard could be the better option if we want the making of it to be a group effort - it will be easier to get everyone involved.- anyway we decided to re-visit this idea at a later date when we have actually decided on a name for the show, which we have a meeting about early next week so once we have decided on an name for the show, we will do a mock up of it as an instillation to show at the next meeting. 
Dan and Adam brought mock up layouts for the book using the imagery from last years book, their was quite a selection - and we picked out the ones that we liked the most. 
There where two very different styles, one was very structured and i thought very samey, whilst the other's layout changed from page to page - we all opted for the less structured one and they agreed to bring us more development on these layouts for the next meeting.
I have also arranged to have a test shot photo shoot with Dan Ross so we could try out possible ideas for the profile pages- after seeing the layouts of the pages and realising how small they actually are - we may have to change our initial idea as they are too small for us to covey our practices within. 
My to do list for the next meeting- Get a sample of images from three students, get their profile shot taken, get them to write some copy to go onto their test page, get everyone to decide on a title for the show, mock up that title to covey our own ideas of how it should look.

The worlds smallest stopframe annimation