Monday, 21 February 2011

Collaborative manifesto with rebecca Elliot

The aim of this collaboration is to integrate Becky’s idea’s of the dialogue of video art between institutions in Leeds, and Jaclyne concepts of event scores, random happenings and events in an exploration to find the middle ground which with shed light on not only the art being created in leeds but also the juxtaposing of two very different ways of presenting work to an audience.
We aim to do this by integrating Becky’s project, ‘video and the artist’ and an upcoming event at the arts market, an open call video project open to the three institutions of Leeds college of art, Leeds university and leeds metropolitan.
This event will be a one day event split in to three, two hour show reels, from each institution- at the end of each two hour period two artists from the show reel will speak about there work in an attempt to explore the dialogue of video art in a wider context
In contrast to the one day event which will be promoted from inside the institution, we will also put on a separate outside cinema experience, using the same show reel, we will take it out of the institution and place it in a completely different context, using only guerrilla art style advertising to promote a One night ‘outside’ film screening experience in leeds.
Another key aspect of our interest and why we have planned to do this events is that both of our work relies heavily on audience reaction and how the audience perceive work, by changing how we show the films we are also, maybe changing our audience which will enable us to see how far the audience reaction is key to the exhibition of our work.
From this we will be able to directly link areas of interest in each of our practices, as well as explore our joint interest in cur ration.  
Another interesting aspect which we would like to explore the fact that we as a partnership work well in terms of organizing an event (as we found out during the preparation for the A4 exhibition) we have a shared sense of dealing with problems and also the same eye for detail, we hope that in exploring this aspect of our practices in may not only help prepare for the final major show but future events.
In order to pull these events of with a sembalence of  professionalism we plan to set time aside each week  

Friday, 18 February 2011

Final major project proposal

Throughout our final major project I aim to continue to explore the theme of exhibition, by staging a series of exhibitions, in the run up to the final show. Using film, photography, found objects and props I plan to create one off events around Leeds that question the role the institution plays in the exhibiting of artwork. Throughout this period I will collaborate with other students pursuing the task of curation.
An interesting aspect of my practice in the joining together of different rolls, during the previous brief I realized I enjoyed the task of curating not only my own work but that of other students, I plan to fully explore this through a series of staged events. By exploring my own interest in outsider and street art and juxtaposing this with exhibiting in different institutions. I hope to fully analyze the way in which audience reaction is integral to my work and how changing the context of how work is view can have a great impact of the overall work.
My work will encompass different themes and strategies mainly concerned with the role the institution plays in the art world, not only will I explore this through the attending of weekly public art events that are currently held throughout Leeds, I will also stage my own events.
These events will centre around previous explored themes, such as random happenings, event scores but also using institutions such as the Art Market to promote planned D.I.Y artist led gallery events.
Throughout the time I am working on my FMP I will also be volunteering at Project Space Leeds, working alongside their gallery assistant I hope to gain experience of what it would be like to work within a gallery and that I will gain some insight of how the public interoperate different exhibitions. During the Easter break I will also be volunteering at FACT Liverpool, a cinema based art gallery, which is one of the UK’s leading organizations for the support and exhibition of art, film and new media art. From doing this I hope to gain some insight of how different types of exhibitions are set up and the different roles that people have.

Platforms and strategies
To fully expedite my goals I will use the first moth of this project to research and contact organizers of different public led events that are currently happening in and around Leeds.
My goal is to stage weekly/monthly exhibitions using an array of different tactics, some of these exhibitions will be undertaken by myself, as a way to investigate the different platforms of how art in the modern day can be experienced outside of a typical gallery setting. Others will be collaboration with different students (see attached manifesto).

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

First yearbook email from Adam

Hi Cheryl,

As discussed during todays meeting (16.00 -14th Feb) Just a couple of
things we should have ready for the next meeting.

We hope you have-

A clear concept of ideas

Deadlines for photography (Ideally before easter, obviously sooner the
better if possible)

Structure of content (student profiles, additional segments, own
events) and a deadline for final copy.

Samples of students work

Samples of found work (designers, artists, print)

Total amount of copies to be produced - emailed to us by Friday 18th or asap

Estimated amount of pages - emailed to us by Friday 18th or asap

We will have -

Stock examples

Print examples

finishing techniques

Estimates for woodwork

A clear structure of our deadlines and commitments

Print estimates

If you have anymore questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to
get in touch.

Kind regards

Adam Townend

Monday, 14 February 2011

Yearbook Meeting One

Today was the first of the yearbook meetings and i feel that it went exceptionally well, in attendance where myself, fellow third year students Becky and Andy our tutor and head of the course Cheryl and the three lucky boys that get to use their graphics skills to make our book, Adam, Dan and Luke. We discussed the information ( which i am assured is called 'copy' and will hence forth refer to it as such) that we wanted in  the book as well as possible layouts for the way the book will take shape. They also had a lot of ideas which they had already been working on, not only had they took the time to find out what our course was about but they also had interesting ideas of how to make our year book stand out from the other courses year books. The idea that they had which stood out from the rest was to have a type of instillation which represented the course. Their idea was to create the word interdisciplinary out of wood and use that for the cover image, and then use the letter forms throughout the book and have each student holding a different letter that they had decorated in their profile pictures- hmmmm - whilst i did not fully like that idea - i did like where they were coming from, and thought we could do something along those lines but not by actually spelling out the course name and the idea that we each decorated a letter seems a little childish - however having a type instillation does appeal to me. I brought up these concerns in the meeting and suggested that we could make the instillation using the title of the show, have that as the cover image and also have it in the actual exhibition, as a way of unifying the yearbook and the end of year show together. Everyone was agreeable to this suggestion, so we moved on to the profile pictures. I had already spoken to Dan Ross a fellow third year who is on the photography course at the college about possible ways we could photograph the profile pictures, i had chosen Dan to be the photographer as not only would he do it for free but the profile images that he does are quite playful and after a group meeting last week the whole group had decided that we wanted the images to reflect our individual practices but have fun with them. The Graphics lot where happy that we had already arranged this ourselves instead of leaving it for them to do - all in all i think it was a great first meeting.
Images below of type instillations that where shown to us,

Thursday, 3 February 2011

FMP Pitch

This is one part of my final major project pitch- the other part being a 1000 word essay. i guess i just wanted to find a different way of doing it rather than a boring power point or just talking for 5 minutes. I feel the playful aspect of my work really comes across in this little video and the college liked it enough to put it on their FB  page and website- so i must be doing something right surely? Once i manage to put it on vimeo i will re post it but for now you shall just have to click the link :P any feedback would be great :D