Wednesday, 24 November 2010

5 hours and 38 minutes later.......

So this is how i've finally decided how to do it

After a few false starts i came up with this way of keeping the drawing in proportion, by blowing the original photograph up to the size i want the drawing to be i will have a better chance of keeping to the right scale and i have decided to blue-tack it to my wall ( well most of it the bottom three lines wouldn't fit) and replace the each section of the photograph with each A4 drawing so i can keep track of what stage i am at.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Idea for the A4 exhibition

Well with my work at the moment i am playing around with exhibiting different things and the different ways of exhibiting said things, however i don't have anything that fits in with the A4 theme, i want to do something more than just display photographs of what i have been up to and i don't want to have to change anything so that it does fit. So what i have decided to do is create a new piece, using multiple pieces of A4 to create a large scale drawing, it was looking at this blog that helped me to come up with it- i have been somewhat obsessional with drawing hair and i have decided to exorcise this 'hair demon' by drawing so much of it that i cannot stand the sight of it anymore so that when i pick up a pen it wont be what comes out of it. It will be quite a long drawn out process which fits in well with what i've been working on and it will be very repetitive- i am also going to time it from start to finish to see how long it actually takes.

Monday, 15 November 2010

So today we got a new brief and its not just a brief it's an exhibition, an A4 exhibition to be precise and the brief is simple, to create work based on or around A4 as well as put on an in studio exhibition. So i have signed up for the curation and the promotion team. But first things first what am i going to exhibit??
We can pretty much interpret the brief in any way we like but it would be useful to base it around the on going 'exhibition and show' brief. From the work i have been doing so far i have nothing that will fit in to a gallery setting and i'm excited to try something a little different from what i have been doing recently but what? my first idea was to create something using piles and piles of A4 printer paper and displaying them as free standing sculptures and the second is to use A4 paper to make a large scale piece - but im not too sure exactly what yet but i shall keep you posted :) oh and i forgot to mention we have two weeks to make the piece :/

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Golden frame

This is the first stages of Gold leafing my 'stolen frame' i am very aware of the connotations of frame theory and what the application of gold to a found object means. But the aspect of this that interests me the most is the time spend on changing this object. The repetition of applying the size,waiting for it to dry and layering the Gold leaf. It makes me feel very close to the object i feel an odd sense of ownership. This idea of making the frame gold was not thought out, it just kind of happened it was not an intentional or a conscious intention, i did just wake up and decided that today i shall gold leaf the frame. My main fear about carrying on with this is whether it's OK? am i allowed to simply do- without having reason. Is that the artists prerogative they can do and the audience decides what is is they project on to the object? I am currently researching outsider art and it strikes me that i have many similarities to an outsider artist, in the sense that i am repetitive in my work, often using the same motifs over and over and i create work for the simple love of creating, and that my main audience is myself i don't often create work with an audience in mind - that comes afterwards. Does the fact that i don't seek the typical institutionalized aesthetic also make me an outsider artist-all be it one from inside the institution itself????