Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Evaluation of working on the yearbook

When i originally decided to be a part of the yearbook team i had no idea what a mammoth task it would become, i thought that it would simply be a case of deciding on a concept and making sure that concept was evident in the finished book as well as making sure everyone else on the course handed their work in to the set deadline.
There have been numerous hurdles to overcome throughout this experience, working as part of a team , working alongside others that envision things in a completely different way and of course trying to complete each of the tasks i was given before self given deadlines.
Although this task was a laborious one for me and it did take away valuable time that i should have been committing to my own work, overall i did enjoy it. Their have been some high points and some rather frustratingly low ones but i am excited to see the finished product and hopefully everyone will be happy with what has been produced.

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