Monday, 6 June 2011

missing from blog

There is about 50 posts missing – I don’t know if this list makes any sense i'm trying to remember the titles

List of missing work from blog-

Yearbook – images and notes from meetings after 6th meeting
-       Images from the year book in print (I may be able to get these back as my housemate has a copy)
-       Evaluation of working on the year book
-       Images of the making of the instillation
-       Photographs and plans

Curation - and end of year show meetings (diary of the process)
 Ideas and plans for the layout,
- colour charts,
- Postcards
- My notes from meetings with individual students discussing their work and how they want it to be placed any concerns they have about their work
- Floor plans and layouts  
Promotional/ curational / evaluation

Final crit – photographs- feedback- action plan

Images of screen-printing process

Contextual research
_  antiestablishment metaphors that occur with in my work
- Split personality and my practice- Curator vs. practitioner
- Artist’s references – slinkachu/ Jake and dinos Chapman
- Art for Art’s sake

- Positioning my practice / what do I want to be when I grow up (job opportunities/internships interviews)
-  Usage of props- why and what they represent
- Using plinths in my exhibition piece
- Small screen instead of monitors- why not completely reliant on mobile phones


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