Sunday, 5 June 2011

How to make QR codes the 'Art Work"

Today i experimented  with trying to make the QR codes be the work, Since coming up with this idea i have been struggling with how to tie all of the separate elements of my practice together and i feel this bit of experimentation kind of does that. Use of prop's, miniaturization, putting work on the street and trying to create some sort of interaction / participation from the viewer. I put small Q R codes in to spray-painted gold frames and glued them in groups around the city. I had 16 frames and put them into groups of four- and had pre planned various spaces to put them in - three of the codes related to photographs of my work and the fourth was a map to the next group of four. Throughout all of my briefs and work i have wanted to keep the element of surprise that element of people stumbling upon it, like a secret between me and the viewer. By wanting to keep this part of my work i am almost making a rod for my own back because how to you promote or advertise work when an intrinsic element of it for me is that the viewer should find it themselves. It's not meant to be something that you see on a poster or has a big arrow pointing to it saying "Look at me"  

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