Thursday, 2 June 2011

Test Space Leeds- Becky's video and the artist exhibition

The Test Space exhibition was a success creating a new platform for exhibition expanding on the ideas of art accessibility that I have been exploring with the Q R codes.  By bringing the globally accessible World Wide Web into the gallery space there is a roll reversal of the masses informing the art world as opposed to the ‘white cube’ standardising and verifying ‘good art’.  In this way, my work could be classed as anti-establishment as I use the exhibited Q R codes as the art work itself within the gallery space for our FMP exhibition.  The codes will be screen printed combining traditional ‘good art’ skill and technique for visual communication within the gallery space, but acting as an immediate rout out of the gallery when explored further. 

If the viewer is redirected to a gallery space that they are comfortable and familiar with allowing my work to be viewed from an alternate perspective.  It is this perspective and viewing platform that merges the elitist gallery goer with the masses.   That which may be overlooked or simply unseen due to inaccessibility etc, is at least available to all.  The play on scale in the ‘Little boxes’ film further demonstrates the repression of the individual by the ‘white cube’ gallery space.

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